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Warranty conditions

Service will be done in the form, that parts which have defects in material and workmanship, in spite of adequate treatment and attention to the instructions for use, on our option will be repaired or exchanged. Alternatively we reserve the right to replace the defective unit or defective component by a successor product. Replaced devices are transferred to our property. All returns will be tested by Vaqoung upon return. If the part is not faulty according to Vaqoung's test, it may be shipped back to you without any service, or it may be replaced with an equivalent used or repaired part.


Warranty validity

The warranty is valid only for users (consumers), who bought the original Vaqoug's product from Vaqoung China or an authorized local distributor. The warranty cannot be transferred to another owner. Service for used bought products without an invoice will be rejected strictly.


Warranty period

 - 2 years warranty for EV Bus air conditioners and supply extra spare parts when shipping.

 - 2 years or 50000 miles warranty for bus or car conditioners' scroll compressor.

 - 1 years warranty for Air conditioners' spare parts.

 - The warranty period starts from the date of purchase shown on the original invoice.  

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