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  • 28th

    Vaqoung has founded a new subcompany

    vaqoung press004

    Vaqoung has founded a new subcompany which called Hunan TOMPRESS compressor technology Co.,Ltd. in 2016. The new company specialized in R&D and manufacture of electric driven scroll compressors for vehicle More

  • 25th

    Empirical algorithm of auto A/C cooling capacity

    vaqoung press002

    The capacity of refrigerating machine should be determined on the basis of auto body’s heat load when selecting the air conditioning unit for automobile. But in daily works,we often make empirical algorithm in the design of new automobiles. More

  • 11th

    Vaqoung's English version website is ready


    Vaqoung' new international website (English version) has been launched. Vaqoung is a famous brand in China, which focus on electric vehicles(EV) air conditioning system, we have high market share of EV bus air conditioner(A/C), EV commercial car A/C, EV van A/C, rail transit A/C and A/C scroll type compressor in China market.... More


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