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Vaqoung had developed split type electric bus A/C system with DC drive piston compressor and solved the difficult problem of A/C adaptation in trolleybus power supply system.



Vaqoung had produced the first commercial integral type top installation inverter A/C system for EV bus in China.



Vaqoung realized cooling and heating dual-mode in integral type inverter A/C system for EV bus.

Vaqoung cooperated with Copeland for development of gas-injection compressor technology and solved the problem of the fast heating of A/C system in low temperature. In the same year, Vaqoung received the support of innovation fund which provided by Ministry of Science and Technology of China.



Vaqoung had finished the patent application of A/C system for EV bus



The energy conservation and environment protection inverter A/C for vehicles project has been listed in high tech industrialization projects by China National Development and Reform Commission.



Vaqong got the certification of ISO9001:2008



After the electric drive scroll compressors for vehicle succeed in commercial use, Vaqoung has become the first Chinese company who can produce the core parts of A/C system for EV vehicles.



Vaqoung became one of the constitutors of China electric vehicles’ A/C national standard.  



Vaqong got the certification of TS: 16949

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