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Vaqoung has established a provincial R&D center in 2004 which have 60 staff in total. The R&D center have strong ability in research and design of different type vehicle air conditioners and electric scroll compressors. A rigorous development system has been created gradually, and all the developed products have proprietary intellectual property tights.

The core team of Vaqoung R&D center consists of senior engineers who has 20 years’ experience in A/C scroll compressor and HVAC area. This team mastered the design theory of electric drive scroll type compressor like calculation and design of scroll profiles, design of scroll compressors’ structure, calculation of static and dynamic equilibrium, calculation of hydrodynamics. The R&D team also have engineers who are proficient at manufacturing technology like mechanical treatment, assembly process management, measure and experiment, project management and process control etc.

Vaqoung have a lot of technical cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology, Hunan University, Central South University and established Electric Vehicle Air Conditioner engineering center with Beijing Institute of Technology for a deep research of economic air conditioners and A/C scroll compressors for EV. The information exchanging with China famous Universities confirms Vaqoung’s product R&D keeps in step with the world’s leading level HVAC technology.   

R&D projects

Research of High efficiency scroll type inverter compressor(horizontal).

 - Lightweight and cramped construction design.

 - Oil withdrawer structure.

 - High-pressure chamber tech. 

 - Differential pressure oil supply tech.

 - Lower noise tech. 

 - Application of permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM).

 - Application of environment friendly refrigerant R410a.


Improvement of EV air conditioner’s system integration

 - Construction of design platform based on UG, PRO/E, CATIA which use to air conditioners' structure analysis.

 - Construction of simulation platform based on MCS EASY5 which use to system's compatibility research.

 - Research of high efficiency and environment friendly refrigerant.

 - Application of heat pump principle and PTC heater.

 - EV air conditioners' lightweight research.

 - Improve of vehicle air conditioners' air flue design.

 - Compatibility research of electric air conditioner and finished auto motor.

 - Design of electric air conditioner use to battery cooling system.


Research of EV air conditioners' driving and controlling technology

 - 180°electrified position sensor less vector driving technology of PMSM

 - Area control of sealed motor

 - Driving technology of AC brushless fan system

 - CAN-Ethernet control of electric air conditioner system

 - The adaptation between electric conditioner and finished auto motor


Research of EV air conditioners' reliability and safety

 -  Electric air conditioner and main components' resistance to shock

 - Electric air conditioners' FMEA research

 - High/low temperature degradation testing for electric controller's circuits and connectors

 - Simulation experiment and analysis for electric controllers

 - EMC & EMI ability of electric air conditioners' electrical components

 - Research of insulation resistance detection

 - Research of passive safety system design

 - Research of system interlocking technology   

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