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Factory Tour

As the forerunner of Chinese vehicle air conditioner market, Vaqoung was specialized in the research and production of bus air conditioner, rail transit air conditioner, car air conditioner, van air conditioner and scroll type compressor for vehicle air conditioners since 1998. Rich experience has been accumulated in past 20 years.


Production capacity

Vaqoung own 20000 square meter working area and more than 3000 square meter storage house in Changsha high technology zone which is located in the south central of China.

In 2015, Vaqoung produced 15882 sets automobile air conditioners, 400 sets rail transit air conditioner system, 17890 pcs scroll compressors. The maximum capacity is 20000 sets vehicle air conditioners and 25000 pcs scroll compressors per year.



Vaqoung have 330 employees in the end of 2015, include 37 managerial staff, 42 engineers, about 200 skillful workers, the others are sales and assistant people. As we know, the employee behavior is relate to problem resolution, products' value and service quality, finally, it effect on the customer satisfaction. So we are focus on enhancing employees' satisfaction to raise the level of employee behavior.   


Five main production area

Scroll Compressor production

Vaqoung is one of a tiny minority of vehicle AC compressor's producer who has own patents of key part – AC scroll type compressor in China market. An automatic production line has been launched in 2015.


Housing molding

Vaqoung used a new technology DCPD-RIM to produce PDCPD housing for rooftop integrated style bus air conditioner system. The traditional SMC type housing also can be provided.


Electrical assembly

The electrical assembly production line use to assemble all the electrical parts to electric board, it contain DCDC transfer, variable-frequency drive, A/C contactor, magnetic calve controllable reactor, switches etic, and this workshop also process electric circuit and terminal.


Copper pipe production

The pipe workshop has a design of a copper pipe blanking, punching, drawing, bending system, also deal with the installation of pipes on gas separators. 


Air conditioner general assembly

In this general assembly line, skillful workers install all components into the air conditioners’ housing, it contain evaporator, condenser, PTC heater, pipe system, fan system, electric board, compressor, gas separators etc. After installation of cover, every end product has 3 hours running test, then send to packing area and storage house prepare for delivery. 

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