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Nowadays, there are energy crises and environmental pollutions in every country in the world, and the energy-saving and emission-reduction has become a global strategy. The traditional fuel vehicle is the most important energy consumer and the environmental pollution maker. The number of automobiles keeps increasing, thus there are more exhaust make the situation of air pollution getting worse. As a countermeasure of oil resource depletion and global warming, the research and development of electric vehicle have great significance.From Completely built vehicle energy saving transfer to concern about vehicle components’ energy saving is a trend of automobile industry, it brings the energy saving of vehicle air conditioner system to the great importance never before.     

Vaqoung developed hermetic scroll type compressors to instead of traditional unsealed screw type compressors to reach the goal of energy saving, low carbon emission. As a widely use in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Canton, the Vaqoung’s new energy air conditioner (Electric drive) has shown it’s high efficiency, for example, an air conditioner system with 25kw cooling capacity which use in EV bus, the EER can reach 3.0 w/w, the efficiency increased 40% compare to traditional bus air conditioner, 1600L fuel can be saved for one bus per year.Vaqoung were focus on electric vehicle’s air conditioner system since 1998, while improving comfortable products for passengers, and also friendly to environment.   

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